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The Royal Art of Alchemy

Alchemy is the highest form of art there is; which lends itself to and expresses itself through all other art forms -- including the art of your life, as well as the art of your work in the world

The effect of alchemy is the pure magic of doing nothing outside of your own true nature.

Through the Great Work of Alchemy, you have the capacity to deactivate the ancient layers of conditioning that are inhibiting your truest nature, highest expression & most authentic life.

Lying dormant, just under the surface of your awareness, is your unique creative genius coupled with the power to bring to fruition the visions of your heart.

To activate your true north you need only turn to the blueprint of your destiny, which dwells right under your very nose, nestled in your living DNA.

The doorway to your genetic realm of cosmic treasure is unlocked through the deceptively simple (yet endlessly challenging) devotion to an ever deepening spirit of curiosity, self-discovery & understanding.

This is a process of rooting down down down into your very own human self.

The deeper your roots grow into the dense soils of matter, the higher you rise into the subtler planes of awareness, consciousness, creativity & knowledge.

With your feet firmly in the ground and your head soaring in the clouds, you will naturally make more aligned & fruitful choices for you life, your art, your relationships and your business.

Ultimately, to be The Royal Artist is to embark on an epic adventure through the mythical & alchemical process of Individuation referred to in Hermetism as Magnum Opus, or 'The Great Work'

The Great Work signifies a spiritual path of reclaiming the human soul from the unconscious forces that bind it. It is the process of bringing unconscious complexes into conscious awareness, in order to integrate them back into oneself.

Carl Jung poignantly spoke to the Great Work when he said “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.." 

To individuate is to become utterly, and unapologetically, liberated into your uniqueness.

It's to relax into who you were created to be and what you are meant to have.

It's to become coherent, in remembrance of your wholeness -- with all aspects of yourself (mind, body, spirit) pointing in the same direction, communicating clearly, and working together towards a common goal.

Its to be energetically efficient, cognizant and wildly powerful in the truest sense of the word.

It's to guide and create the art of your life by a higher mandate, in harmony with the Laws of Nature that are operating within and around you at all times.

It is to move through your human experience with sovereignty and inner authority.

It is the truth of who you are; a truth which will set you free once and for all.

This is truly some of the most practical work you can do, as it is the foundation for everything you are creating, and desiring to create. 

In a world in which homogenization is celebrated, it takes a tremendous amount of courage to be who you really are.

This is noble work. If you are on the path of The Royal Artist I commend you for your audacity and bravery. You are a gift to the world.

“We human beings doubt ourselves because we are not really ourselves in the first place.” -- Gene Keys

Royal Artisan Mentorship

In this mentoring crucible we practice and master the Royal Art of Alchemy.

Through this devotion, you will activate your destiny as the Royal Artist -- your most individuated self; a supreme agent of change; the connected conduit for cosmic creation.

Together we will flip bitches, bless curses & listen for the celestial echo in all things. We will summon the abundant healing powers of the cosmos to pour through our cells, and express as pure magic onto this earthly plane. We will harmonize with the laws of nature for your benefit and for the benefit of all mankind. 

Benefits of This Work

The harmony of living your life totally 

The peace of embracing everything 

The freedom of holding nothing back 

The clarity of following your North Star

The relief of reclaiming the disparate parts of yourself

The simplicity of doing nothing outside of your own true nature

The thrill of shamelessly embodying the wildly unique individual you came here to be

 The ease of leveraging the creative power of the cosmos to do your heavy lifting

The fulfillment of letting your whole life be a testament to the Holy Grail within you 

About The Royal Art Intensive

This is a 1:1 oracular session (60 minutes) with three days of follow up support via text/voice messaging.

Using the acoustic frequency of words we will activate the genetic memory of who you really are and what you came here to be, do, have and express.

Together, we will tap into the algorithms of your unique purpose, passion and prosperity to be utilized in the creation of your most fulfilling & harmonious life.

Tools we may use in and between sessions include the art of contemplation, self-differentiating technologies such as Human Design & the Gene Keys, somatic practices for nervous system regulation & increased resonance, as well as metaphors and myths of all kinds.

This is the beauty way; an incredibly potent & romantic approach to creating and living. If you dare answer this call, it can (and will) change the way you do life forevermore.

After you purchase your session you will receive an email with details on how to log into your account on my website. On your dashboard you will find my scheduler and an intake form to fill out before we meet. If you have any questions regarding any of this information, send me a message HERE

For the aligned client who is unable to invest the full amount for a session, I also offer a sliding scale. Contact me HERE to inquire.

“Alchemy is life. Transmutation is what drives human beings to keep going beyond their wildest dreams. To be in the process of transmutation is to be truly alive” 

— Richard Rudd, the Gene Keys