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Hey, I’m Chandra Nicole!

I am a deep seeker by nature; and the question that the entirety of my existence has called me to, on repeat, is this:

"How can we create our lives in ways that are truly authentic unto us?" 

Everything I muse about, offer & share here, is my best attempt at answering this question.

When I was 26 years old (nearly 20 years ago now) I left my very unaligned "white picket fence" life for some un-identifiable calling in my heart.

I knew deep in my bones that when I figured out how to live a life that felt authentic to me I would help others do the same. 

I’ve since come to understand that authentic living is an on-going, never-ending process that when journeyed in earnest, always reveals to me more and more of who I really am.

For so long I judged myself for “not being there yet”; the shame that accompanied this judgement caused me to continuously fabricate (unconsciously, of course) facades of having arrived somewhere which only ever perpetuated the sense of shame and failure that I felt.

This is a bi-product of living in a world that’s plagued with unrealistic ideals about what makes a person worthy and valuable. When these soul shattering ideals go unquestioned and unchecked, it’s nearly impossible for me to approve of myself and follow my true north.

The more I disentangle myself from this conditioning, the clearer it becomes what is for me and what is not; my north star becoming ever clearer in the darkness of the night sky.

When I’m traveling true north, it becomes obvious that there is no finite destination (how could there be for someone as infinite as me?) and the erroneous ideals of the world fade into the background.

Paradoxically, I find that I discover more of my limitless infinitude through the pursuit of my finite desires; and that I see things in a more miraculous and interconnected way as I root down into the limitations of my real-time, mundane human experience.

To me, the pragmatic heart of authentic living is getting/creating what we want and discovering who we really are along the way…

my deepest desire is to support us all, in whatever way I can, to liberate ourselves from the confines of our conditioning, bring to fruition what’s in our hearts, and live into an ever deepening sense of authenticity.