Your next level business requires the next level you

For every level you wish to rise, you must die an identity death.

The bigger your dreams are, the more levels you will need to rise, and the more deaths you will have to face.

To get to a thousand levels, you must die a thousand deaths; the quicker you “die”, the faster you rise.

So, how do you kill off an antiquated identity?

You appreciate the F out of it for what it was (crucial)… and then you unceremoniously starve it.

Little by little, you stop feeding it your power and you move the food of your focus & choice onto the new you that’s in integrity with all your heart is calling you to create, have, experience and be.

This can (and will) feel delusional, as it requires you to dismiss what is comfortable, safe and familiar in favor of showing up as a version of you that you don’t yet feel like, don’t yet think as, and don’t yet believe you are.

However, your next level business, your next level financial reality, your next level relationships, your next level life will require you to make this delusional move… are you bold enough to make it? Again, and again, and again?

Love & Magic,
Chandra Nicole

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