Money responds to who & how you be

I’ve made $25k from taking two little actions before… and I’ve made very little money from taking many MANY actions.

Obviously, actions are not the only part of the outcome equation.

Actions do matter for a multitude of reasons, but they do not ultimately create your results.

What creates your results is your non-negotiable, unconditional CHOICE, and your willingness to fertilize your choice with your attention, focus and action.

All of this adds up to who you’re being. When you ‘be’ something for long enough, it becomes your identity.

Nothing will change in your financial life until you change the way you’re being.

Money responds not to your actions alone, but to who and how you be.


If you feel like you’re spinning your wheels, doing all the things, and not seeing the money flow the way you’d prefer, it might be time to think about who you really want to be and make some changes in integrity with that version of you.

Love & Magic, Chandra Nicole

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