Don’t wait for the way to appear…

Have you noticed there are certain things you’re just simply not willing to live without, and that those certain things always show up, someway somehow, no matter what your circumstances are?

I think they call these “standards” 😉

Identifying your current standards, and making note of how effortlessly they manifest before you, is a really great way to show yourself the power of your choice.

You’re a powerful creator.

Full Stop.
Whether you acknowledge it or not.

What you make you matter, value the most, and make non-negotiable will inevitably appear before you.

Your choice reigns supreme, now and forevermore.

To make something non-negotiable is what it really means to choose it.

If you’re negotiating with yourself in any way, then you haven’t really chosen it. The sooner you can be honest with yourself about that, the better.

Here’s a really powerful question to ask yourself – “what makes my non-negotiables so “non-negotiable” to me – and, what’s stopping me from making all the other desires of my heart non-negotiable as well?”

What if honoring your truest desires in mind, body, and spirit was fundamental to your well-being?

What if you were to care so much about yourself that you were willing to make your well-being and everything that supports it, including all desires of your wild heart, a non-negotiable too?

This includes the business you want in the exact way you want it, the amount of money that would be most supportive of you, the clients that light you up, the food that satisfies you, the clothes that delight you, the (insert whatever it is you desire in earnest)

Don’t wait for “the way” to appear before you make it a non-negotiable…

make it a non-negotiable and the way will appear.

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