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the CROSSROAD -- 90 days of 1:1 Mentorship


I help you push through to the other side — conquer your fears — and unleash your authentic self so you can write the book that’s aching to exist, give birth to the business that touches countless lives, build the community that connects and inspires — travel to distant lands — serve humanity — make tons of money & create infinite resources so you can be more of what you came here to be.

If you’re hangin’ with me you can expect a few signature moves such as: wittily awkward sarcasm, probing questions, bizarre life experiments, gypsy sensibilities, a no-holds-barred approach to inner transformation

…and maaaaybe the occasional cosmic bitchslap. Because your limitations are lame. 


And while I can’t place a guarantee on anyone’s destiny, I can undeniably promise that if you’re brave enough to embark on this adventure with me, together we’ll infiltrate the fortresses of your mind with obnoxious laughter and unwavering conviction.

I will show you all I know thus far about dismantling the structure from within — in order to confidently brave your crossroad — and liberate yourself from the limitations that are keeping you small. 


  • Wittily Awkward Sarcasm 99%
  • Raw Truth 100%
  • Obnoxious Laughter 98%
  • Transformative Probing Questions 98%
  • Gypsy Sensibilities 90%
  • Badassery 93%
  • Bizarre Life Experiments 90%



You have creations in your heart begging to be born into the world, and by god who are you to deny them.

You have what it takes to do this! Goddammit.

You can’t make yourself wait any longer to live the life you were born to live.

The callings of your heart aren’t going anywhere. This is a now or later situation…

The excuses, habits, and addictions you’ve been seeking refuge & comfort in are bullshit, and you know it. 

You’re sick of getting in your own fucking way. 

You’re a spiritual badass and you’re ready for a change.

You are the master of your universe, (s)He-man.


Saddle Up Champ! Humanity needs you big and owning your greatness NOW… and I believe in you. 


You’ll come to the table with ONE SPECIFIC CHANGE your ready to make and/or creation you’re ready to dive into… the thing that calls to you from the other side. a career change — the business launch — writing the book — a new community platform– an alternative  lifestyle — a health upgrade — a fulfilling relationship — a location change — 

I’ll bring copious amounts of belief in you, philosophies + perspectives that have changed countless lives + practical resources and tools to ground your vision. 

If you sign on with me, this change IS happening. The conception will get out of your head and birthed into the world. 



  • Belief is the thing you need, but don’t have. Mentorship strengthens belief — it just does. That’s why I always have one. 
  • You can’t seem to connect the dots — that’s why you’re paralyzed. I can help you locate the first dot — and the next — and the next — I will help you engineer a dot hoppin’ plan and hold your hand as you skip joyfully through each one… which brings me to my next point. 
  • Accountability.  You gotta fucking commit — put something on the line — and you haven’t been willing to do that, up until now that is. Just signing onto this program will commit you in a BIG way, but on top of that I refuse to allow you to play small anymore… not in my presence that is. 


  • Create a vision — think bigger my darlin’.
  • Shift your money mindset and other limiting beliefs that may be stopping you. 
  • Shine light on your addictions and other habitual hideouts (also stopping you) 
  • Fortify your faith.
  • Reverse engineer your vision, and create a flexible plan for incremental and sustainable growth. 
  • ACT on that flexi-plan, maneuvering with grace, and pivoting when necessary.  
  • Develop a daily divine discipline to raise your vibration and manifest consciously, with more ease. 
  • Measure forward movement and celebrate success of all sizes. 

For 90 days, you will have me in your back pocket as you bravely face your crossroad at the divide and together we’ll build a bridge to get you to the other side. 



Save you time (from spinning your wheels and struggling) 

Eliminate stress + worry 

Increase your confidence 

Give you complete control of your life, business + creations



Once you pay you’ll receive:

 — Fuck yeah, you’re a badass! Welcome Packet — 

— A link to my calendar to schedule your first appointment — 

— A list of suggested reading materials —  


I realize you’re busy, but by investing your whole self to one season of transformation with me, you can expect to successfully traverse your crossroad, change your life, and gain some serious momentum. 

Do what the others are not willing to do, to have the life they are not able to have… and then go inspire them for chrissake! 



Anyone who doesn’t want to show up and take action 

Those who are not willing to make themselves and this work their #1 priority for 90 days 

Anyone not willing to move out of their comfort zone ASAP 

Complainers. Blamers. Whiners. 

Someone who isn’t ready for big change in their life 


I’d like to be able to put a price on a fulfilled life and the generation of innovation into the world… but it’s not quantifiable. I guess the only thing I can say is, imagine what your life could look like if you dare to be bold. If you’re bitchin’ enough to take the leap…

what would you be sacrificing if you DIDN’T?




What you put your Benjamins on is a colossal statement of your values, and one big energetic prayer. Money is one of the ways you choose POWERFULLY… and when you choose powerfully, the universe bends to your demands, becomes malleable — like putty in your hands. 


Send me a message HERE, to schedule a complimentary 30 minute consult.  

Chandra will knock down ALL the walls between you and your truth. She’s shown me how I create my own limitations and can dissolve them — instantly, in fact, if I wish and am ready.

Mellie Test - Aspen, CO

Chandra’s philosophy is in tune with life, and you know it’s true because her life mirrors her philosophy.

She speaks from her heart space and inspired me to trust myself, others, and the universe. After a conversation with her (or just by being in her presence) my doubts and worries dissolve.

Joseph Davidson - Los Angeles, CA

Chandra’s trust in the universe is contagious! She has a true gift that enables her to reach and connect with many many people.

Karen Judkins - Lincoln, NE

Chandra is an inspirational example of vulnerability and bravery exemplified, not just spoken.

Her actions are louder than her words — and her words are loud. She walks the walk, and that is all any of us can ask for in a mentor.

Marilyn Lauer - Santa Barbara, CA